Men’s Haircut $45+
Women’s Haircut $65+
Blow-Dry $40+


Colour Touch Up $80+ for 75 minutes
Colour Roots to Ends $100+ for 75 minutes
Colour Glossing $85+ for 75 minutes
Pre-Lightener Regrowth $90+ for 75 minutes
Pre-Lightener All Over $110+ for 75 minutes
Women’s Colour and Highlights $140+
Women’s Brazilian Blowout*** $275-400
Women’s Perm $120+

**Please Note: Prices reflect the base time (e.g. 75 minutes). Additional time will be calculated on a pro-rated basis. Extra product usage fees may apply based on hair length.  Fees for colour do not include cuts or blow-dries.

***Includes an at-home treatment


Full Head $180+ for 120 minutes
Half Head $120+ for 120 minutes
Creative Highlights $60+ by consultation
Colour Correction by consultation
Men’s Highlights $65+ for 120 minutes
Men’s Colour $60+ for 120 minutes

**Please Note: Prices reflect the base time (e.g. 120 minutes). Additional time will be calculated on a pro-rated basis. Extra product usage fees may apply based on hair length. Fees for highlights or colour correction do not include cuts or blow-dries.

Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy (By Consultation) From $250

* The price will depend on time allowance, product usage, amount and length.

Zone Hair Gallery Products


La Biosthetique offers a top of the line hair colouring system for clients. Our innovative colouring philosophy enables unlimited creativity and our gentle product concept comes with integrated care which creates glossy colour and healthy hair.
Select hair colouring products contains natural active ingredients such as coconut oil, beeswax, bisabolol and Aloe vera that protect the hair, provide it with moisture and give the hair colour brilliance, lasting shine and elasticity.

Looking to protect your newly coloured hair? Try La Biosthetique’s Shampoo and Conditioner Protection Couleur line, which can protect hair colour from fading up to 70%.


i. Looking to fight humidity in Vancouver's climate? Try the Anti-Frizz line.

ii. Have curly hair and want to make sure it looks its very glossy and bouncy best? Try the Beam Cream and Beam Up Curly.

iii. Looking for luscious volume that stays? Try the Volumising Lotion.

iv. Want to achieve a smooth and straight look for beautiful results? Use the Heat Protector and Therm-O-Flat.


i. With its unique METHODE REGENERANTE care concept, La Biosthetique provides everything your hair needs for improved growth, a positive energy boost and optimum support.

 The success of METHODE REGENERANTE is based on the innovative Complexe Regenerant formula, which redresses the ratio between dead hair and actively growing hair by over 100%* in favour of the growing hair.

ii. METHODE PELLICULES provides effective conditions to break the vicious circle of dandruff. With this range, dandruff microbes are effectively combated reducing the rate at which they spread. The scalp environment is normalised depriving the dandruff of its breeding ground, the natural resistance of the scalp is improved and at the same time, the protective hydrolipid film is normalised.